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cash register management

  • automatic price increase

  • Happy hour schedules

  • Combo reports to manage billing (design your own billing)

  • Journal selection also as a template to save

  • Statistics (sales, operators, articles, times, product groups, regular guests and much more.

  • All Inclusive feature (per item and time to post)


Checkout functions:

  • booking

  • split

  • collect

  • Select payment methods (cash, ATM, Visa, etc.)

  • create invoices with customer data,

  • Table plan to configure yourself

  • Printing station selection per waiter, e.g. (bon outside bar or inside bar)

  • table area allocation


Article management:

  • quantity control

  • Additional texts per article

  • Choice of dining groups

  • Different types of receipts (single receipt, add-on receipt, list receipt, etc.)

  • Prices: up to 5 price levels and 10 preset buttons, e.g. small, large, 1/8 1/4, etc.

  • Codes (EAN/Barcode)

  • weight entry

  • Gear automatic (fixed gear) and much more.


Additional texts:

  • per dining group, 

  • per article

  • Additional texts with price

  • Keys eg with, without, a lot, little

  • free additional text


  • Bar network for all common bar systems

  • Hotel network for all common hotel programs

  • Warehouse management for multiple warehouses and suppliers

  • Online sales query from your cell phone

  • time tracking

  • Customer management with RFID authentication

  • food interface

  • ATM network (Paylife, Cad Complete, Sixx, Hobex)

  • Incert voucher connection

  • Value card module with order cards or RFID

  • car connections

  • Free back office module for up to 4 PCs

  • Export functions CSV XML TXT ...

  • Delivery note export for Fattura

  • Interface to "the purchasing consultants"

  • Voucher module with code entry

  • external voucher management

  • Pre-order system with time specification (delivery service)

  • digital order (for customers with QR code


Table Reservation Software

  • Optimum occupancy of the seats

  • No double occupancy

  • Your restaurant always at a glance

  • Save customer requests and then read them from your eyes ;)

Interfaces - Connections

  • kitchen monitor

  • Kitchens/bar printers

  • Graphic table plan

  • Dispensing system connection / espresso machine interface

  • Connection to various hotel programs

  • food

  • Purchasing Advisor

  • Necta (stock management)

  • insert

Self ordering

With our new software, every guest can place an order directly from their own seat using their own mobile phone.

  • no waiting for the waiter to bring the menu,

  • no waiting for the waiter to take the order

  • no waiting for the waiter to collect

simply scan the QR code and the customer can browse the menu, order and also pay.

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