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computer tills

1 CX7 Kirtec transparent_edited.png

Orderman CX7

The CX7 fits seamlessly into any catering establishment, but behind its unassumingly beautiful aesthetics lies a powerful device that responds at lightning speed and ensures smooth catering operations.

2 CX5 kirtec_edited.png

Orderman CX5

Its sophisticated design, high performance, exceptional versatility and robustness make the CX5 POS the top solution for modern, demanding hospitality businesses.

4 PX10 01 transparent_edited.png

Orderman PX series

Slim, stable and versatile, the PX series can be used in almost any catering and commercial establishment where the small form factor is required.

3 Columbus 900.gif

Columbus 900

The Columbus900 is the top cash register from NCR Orderman and its high performance meets all the needs of our most demanding customers.

5 N4000 Site Controller.gif


The NCR N4000 is our new high-performance, durable gastro server. With SSD storage, a passively-cooled, heat-spreading chassis, powerful components and designed with no moving parts, the N4000 is a highly reliable device with plenty of power.

6 Raumwunder.png

Kirtec space miracle

Integrated thermal printer (80mm), integrated operator lock, space in the smallest niche (a sheet of paper), color touch, maintenance-free because it has no fan, suitable for restaurants because it is splash-proof, no more data loss through autosave, network-compatible and of course expandable

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