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kitchen monitor

A kitchen monitor is the ideal addition

for every kitchen.

increase in efficiency

No lost receipts, minimized idle times, the kitchen team can work more effectively.

The visual representation of the order makes it immediately clear for the entire team to understand and preparation can begin even before the waiter returns to the kitchen.


Communication is more relaxed

Kitchens are always busy, which means things tend to get louder from time to time. The kitchen monitor is ideal for keeping things in perspective. Communication between guest, waiter and kitchen works more smoothly, data exchange with the POS system takes place in real time, without delays or misunderstandings.


Functional overview:

  • Display when and before how many minutes order was placed

  • Subdivision of the order items into "production" and "delivery" in order to display a clear "order-issue flow" (production/passport monitor)

  • Annotations are highlighted

  • Summary of all individual items that are currently in production or have already been released for delivery.

  • Orders that are to be produced and delivered in several steps are highlighted

suitable devices:

The kitchen monitor can be used on the following devices:

  • TV devices

  • notebooks

  • tablet


  • Fail-safe and robust: The kitchen monitor was designed to work reliably around the clock with no downtime. All components within the robust, hard-anodized aluminum housing are manufactured from industrial components, which ensure a long service life.

  • 100% water and fat vapor resistant: the kitchen monitor has no ventilation slots or other openings. This way no steam can get inside the device.

  • Temperature-resistant: The monitor is suitable for every catering kitchen and can withstand temperatures from 0 to +50°C.

  • Easy to clean and hygienic: Smooth surfaces, no joints or corners where dirt could collect - the kitchen monitor can be cleaned quickly and easily.

  • User-friendly: The bright, easy-to-read display with intuitive controls greatly simplifies the workflow in the kitchen.

  • UNIQUE CABLE MANAGEMENT: Only the kitchen monitor offers internal cable management, where all cables are safely tucked away inside the display. So everything stays clean and tidy.

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